DNS Spoofing (DNS Zehirlenmesi)

1 Ocak 2018 Pazartesi

DNS Spoofing (DNS Zehirlenmesi)

Hello everyone :)

I'm going to do a dns poisoning scenario today.  I want to do DNS spoofing in an open and free network.

 Okay lets start :)
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Attacker ip address

We will use the tool ettercap. We first need to make some configurations.
First I will start from the file etter.dns If desired, a single domain name or all domain  names can be attacked.


I'm doing an attack on all domain names with;

*                        A               

I save and exit .  

Then open the etter.conf file and enable redirects for linux.  I deleted "#" for iptables


Then I activate my Apache servise.

 service apache2 start 

Then I open the EtterCap tool and enter the necessary parametres.

Sniff >  Unified sniffing

My interface wlan0

Hosts >  Scan For Hosts > Host List 

Gateway add to target one beatiful girl add to target 2 :)

Then mitmf > arp poisoning > snif remote poisoning

plugins > Manage the plugin > DNS_Spoof

Okay Start and Start Snifing :) 

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